New display in the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield

I have just displayed my most recent work in the two display cases in the “avenue” in the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield’s city centre. They are on display until 4 June 2023. Pop in and have a look if you are in Sheffield. Here are photos of the works.

Some pieces are for sale. Prices range from £150. You can contact me at should you be interested in sizes, availability and prices.

Large Murmuration sculpture no. 1.
Murmuration sculpture no. 2
Large vessel form with black markings
Tall vessel form with black markings
Bowl with blue glaze
Vessel with blue glaze
Large vessel form with black markings
Oval vase with incised lines
Stoneware sculpture with black markings
Vase with blue glaze
Vase with white satin glaze
Tall sculpture in three segments with black markings
Tall sculpture in two segments with black markings and incised lines
Sculpture with blue slip and incised lines

New Pot

I am pleased with this pot. I don’t say this very often. The lines are incised with both black and blue slip to add a bit of variation in the lines and the inside was brushed with cobalt oxide with a matte clear glaze. The vivid colour of the blue inside is only visible when you peer into it. I hope to use this colour more prominently soon.

Stoneware with incised lines

Derbyshire Open Arts 2022

Derbyshire Open Arts is happening on Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th May 2022.

I am exhibiting at the Holymoorside Village Hall, Holymoor Road, Holymoorside near Chesterfield, S42 7DX from 10.00am to 5.00pm each day along with other makers.

This venue has full disabled access.

I have two ranges at the moment Tanglewood and Stoneflow.

Stoneflow large shallow dish
Tanglewood bowl
Tanglewood medium plate

Art in the Garden, Botanical Gardens Sheffield

These are my pots at Art in the Gardens 4 & 5 September 2021.

This was the first time that I had exhibited at Art in the Gardens. I was in the Northern Potters tent with seven other potters. Small items went well like the pebbles and spoons and I sold my favourite round platter. Enjoyed the weekend very much. It was a relaxed and friendly event with people happy to be outside.

Train Train

The last two images in the series Train Train. The final picture County Line Special has its title in homage to the great British harmonica player of the 1960’s, Cyril Davies, who enjoyed a top twenty hit of that title.

Signal Lines
Country Line Special

New Book

Over the lockdown we have published a small book for our extended family. It’s called George and Margaret Hagan a brief account of their lives and tells the story of them meeting in the war and their life together in Sheffield. Sorting out the family photos was the stimulus for writing it.

Get the PDF

Cabaret Voltaire commission

These eight digital images were commissioned by electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire to accompany the release of four new records.

We were particularly pleased to be given this commission as it is Cabaret Voltaire’s first release under their own name for nearly 25 years.

The releases are on the Mute Records label and are entitled Shadow of Fear, Shadow of Funk, BN9Drone and Dekadrone.

‘The Flourish of Liberty’

‘The Flourish of Liberty’ was the title of an exhibition organised by Patrick Wildgust, the curator of Shandy Hall in Coxwold, North Yorkshire. Shandy Hall is the home of Laurence Sterne, famous as the author of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy. This exhibition was the fourth in a series that explored responses by artists, writers and composers to certain pages of the novel.

‘The Flourish of Liberty’ refers to the image of a looping line made by the character Corporal Trim who flourished his stick to illustrate the notion of freedom.

102 exhibitors took part and each produced a page representing their idea of freedom on a blank page the same size of the original printed page in the book. The catalogue includes reproductions of all these images in postcard format nicely presented in a black box. Our contribution was ‘A Pigs Tale’ shown below. The tail copies Trims flourish.

Have a look at the website to find out more about Shandy Hall. Well worth a visit at any time.