Train Train

The last two images in the series Train Train. The final picture County Line Special has its title in homage to the great British harmonica player of the 1960’s, Cyril Davies, who enjoyed a top twenty hit of that title.

Signal Lines
Country Line Special


Cooling towers towering above like monuments to giant industrial power. The shot seemed to call for a back and white treatment with its old ‘wet process’ associations – anybody remember Ilford FP4?

By way of contrast a dramatic distance shot with end of day sunset colours. This time reflections are of the train carriage interior making a sharp modern design contrast to the billowing clouds of steam.

Another Train Train

Another in the Train Train series taken between York and Doncaster showing one of the many cooling towers. Reminds us of the days when the funnel on the train engine would look like one of these and rail tracks seemed to be everywhere.


Train Train

A series of photos taken during winter whilst travelling on a train. Taken through the train window some of the results proved very interesting with the reflections from inside the carriage layered against the blurred images of the forward ground and the sharp focus of the distant view.

The speed of the train lends a certain drama to the image.

Frozen landscape