Cooling towers towering above like monuments to giant industrial power. The shot seemed to call for a back and white treatment with its old ‘wet process’ associations – anybody remember Ilford FP4?

By way of contrast a dramatic distance shot with end of day sunset colours. This time reflections are of the train carriage interior making a sharp modern design contrast to the billowing clouds of steam.

Seven Amens in Lucca

The title of this set of seven photographs derives from a composition for two pianos called ‘Seven Amens’ by Olivier Messiaen. We were fortunate to attend a performance of this piece whilst on holiday in Lucca, Italy. Coincidentally we were looking for ‘modest’ but intriguing imagery that might speak of the ambience of a town of religion and music. The photographs have a mood of quiet contemplation and hope to give a sort of ‘palimpsest’ effect regarding centuries of faith.

Another Train Train

Another in the Train Train series taken between York and Doncaster showing one of the many cooling towers. Reminds us of the days when the funnel on the train engine would look like one of these and rail tracks seemed to be everywhere.


Art in the Gardens

Just visited the Art in the Gardens at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield mainly to see the Northern Potters display. I (Janet) had one piece on display which actually sold! I am delighted even though I was sad to see it go. See below.

Art in the Gardens was a great success this year despite Covid. There were two timed slots in the day so that meant you had to make sure you looked round at everything rather than dipping in and out. Very well organised and a very pleasant morning. Northern Potters reported that sales were good this year and thought this was due to people being more focussed on the exhibitions rather than just having a social day out.

Oval Platter, stoneware

Another Paper Friend

“A very lucky universe”? – Apparently some physicists would agree, because the cosmos seems to be in a unique balance. No other conditions would apparently allow for the development of life.

Train Train

A series of photos taken during winter whilst travelling on a train. Taken through the train window some of the results proved very interesting with the reflections from inside the carriage layered against the blurred images of the forward ground and the sharp focus of the distant view.

The speed of the train lends a certain drama to the image.

Frozen landscape


These are some recent pots.

They are stoneware with blue slip decoration. The lines sometimes create new forms echoing the basic form of the chosen shape. The large jug isn’t functional – its too heavy and big!

But the lines help to enliven its sturdy form and suggest the origins of the shape. The large Pebble vase is reminiscent of the sea and how the shapes are smoothed with the action of the water over time.

Pebble Vessel, stoneware with blue slip lines